B.2. Inconsistencies

If after several runs, inconsistencies continue to be reported, you may have encountered a corruption. These should be rare, but in the event they occur newer versions of HBase include the hbck tool enabled with automatic repair options.

There are two invariants that when violated create inconsistencies in HBase:

Repairs generally work in three phases -- a read-only information gathering phase that identifies inconsistencies, a table integrity repair phase that restores the table integrity invariant, and then finally a region consistency repair phase that restores the region consistency invariant. Starting from version 0.90.0, hbck could detect region consistency problems report on a subset of possible table integrity problems. It also included the ability to automatically fix the most common inconsistency, region assignment and deployment consistency problems. This repair could be done by using the -fix command line option. These problems close regions if they are open on the wrong server or on multiple region servers and also assigns regions to region servers if they are not open.

Starting from HBase versions 0.90.7, 0.92.2 and 0.94.0, several new command line options are introduced to aid repairing a corrupted HBase. This hbck sometimes goes by the nickname “uberhbck”. Each particular version of uber hbck is compatible with the HBase’s of the same major version (0.90.7 uberhbck can repair a 0.90.4). However, versions <=0.90.6 and versions <=0.92.1 may require restarting the master or failing over to a backup master.

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