5.3. Namespace

A namespace is a logical grouping of tables analogous to a database in relation database systems. This abstraction lays the groundwork for upcoming multi-tenancy related features:

5.3.1. Namespace management

A namespace can be created, removed or altered. Namespace membership is determined during table creation by specifying a fully-qualified table name of the form:

<table namespace>:<table qualifier>


#Create a namespace
create_namespace 'my_ns'

#create my_table in my_ns namespace
create 'my_ns:my_table', 'fam'

#delete namespace
delete_namespace 'my_ns'

#alter namespace
alter_namespace 'my_ns', {METHOD => 'set', 'PROPERTY_NAME' => 'PROPERTY_VALUE'}

5.3.2. Predefined namespaces

There are two predefined special namespaces:

  • hbase - system namespace, used to contain hbase internal tables
  • default - tables with no explicit specified namespace will automatically fall into this namespace.


#namespace=foo and table qualifier=bar
create 'foo:bar', 'fam'

#namespace=default and table qualifier=bar
create 'bar', 'fam'

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