13.3. Resources

13.3.1. search-hadoop.com

search-hadoop.com indexes all the mailing lists and is great for historical searches. Search here first when you have an issue as its more than likely someone has already had your problem.

13.3.2. Mailing Lists

Ask a question on the Apache HBase mailing lists. The 'dev' mailing list is aimed at the community of developers actually building Apache HBase and for features currently under development, and 'user' is generally used for questions on released versions of Apache HBase. Before going to the mailing list, make sure your question has not already been answered by searching the mailing list archives first. Use Section 13.3.1, “search-hadoop.com”. Take some time crafting your question[30]; a quality question that includes all context and exhibits evidence the author has tried to find answers in the manual and out on lists is more likely to get a prompt response.

13.3.3. IRC

#hbase on irc.freenode.net

13.3.4. JIRA

JIRA is also really helpful when looking for Hadoop/HBase-specific issues.

[30] See Getting Answers

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