13.11. ZooKeeper

13.11.1. Startup Errors Could not find my address: xyz in list of ZooKeeper quorum servers

A ZooKeeper server wasn't able to start, throws that error. xyz is the name of your server.

This is a name lookup problem. HBase tries to start a ZooKeeper server on some machine but that machine isn't able to find itself in the hbase.zookeeper.quorum configuration.

Use the hostname presented in the error message instead of the value you used. If you have a DNS server, you can set hbase.zookeeper.dns.interface and hbase.zookeeper.dns.nameserver in hbase-site.xml to make sure it resolves to the correct FQDN.

13.11.2. ZooKeeper, The Cluster Canary

ZooKeeper is the cluster's "canary in the mineshaft". It'll be the first to notice issues if any so making sure its happy is the short-cut to a humming cluster.

See the ZooKeeper Operating Environment Troubleshooting page. It has suggestions and tools for checking disk and networking performance; i.e. the operating environment your ZooKeeper and HBase are running in.

Additionally, the utility Section, “zkcli” may help investigate ZooKeeper issues.

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