1.9. Getting Involved

Apache HBase gets better only when people contribute!

As Apache HBase is an Apache Software Foundation project, see ??? for more information about how the ASF functions.

1.9.1. Mailing Lists

Sign up for the dev-list and the user-list. See the mailing lists page. Posing questions - and helping to answer other people's questions - is encouraged! There are varying levels of experience on both lists so patience and politeness are encouraged (and please stay on topic.)

1.9.2. Jira

Check for existing issues in Jira. If it's either a new feature request, enhancement, or a bug, file a ticket. Jira Priorities

The following is a guideline on setting Jira issue priorities:

  • Blocker: Should only be used if the issue WILL cause data loss or cluster instability reliably.
  • Critical: The issue described can cause data loss or cluster instability in some cases.
  • Major: Important but not tragic issues, like updates to the client API that will add a lot of much-needed functionality or significant bugs that need to be fixed but that don't cause data loss.
  • Minor: Useful enhancements and annoying but not damaging bugs.
  • Trivial: Useful enhancements but generally cosmetic. Code Blocks in Jira Comments

A commonly used macro in Jira is {code}. If you do this in a Jira comment...

   code snippet

... Jira will format the code snippet like code, instead of a regular comment. It improves readability.

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