Appendix C. Compression In HBase

Table of Contents

C.1. CompressionTest Tool
C.2. hbase.regionserver.codecs
C.3. LZO
C.5.1. Installation
C.6. Changing Compression Schemes

There are a bunch of compression options in HBase. There is some helpful discussion to be found in Documenting Guidance on compression and codecs.

C.1. CompressionTest Tool

HBase includes a tool to test compression is set up properly. To run it, type /bin/hbase org.apache.hadoop.hbase.util.CompressionTest. This will emit usage on how to run the tool.

You need to restart regionserver for it to pick up fixed codecs!

Be aware that the regionserver caches the result of the compression check it runs ahead of each region open. This means that you will have to restart the regionserver for it to notice that you have fixed any codec issues.

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