Appendix A. 0.95 RPC Specification

Table of Contents

A.1. Goals
A.3. RPC
A.3.1. Connection Setup
A.3.2. Request
A.3.3. Response
A.3.4. Exceptions
A.3.5. CellBlocks
A.4. Notes
A.4.1. Constraints
A.4.2. One fat pb request or header+param
A.4.3. RPC Configurations

In 0.95, all client/server communication is done with protobuf’ed Messages rather than with Hadoop Writables. Our RPC wire format therefore changes. This document describes the client/server request/response protocol and our new RPC wire-format.

For what RPC is like in 0.94 and previous, see Benoît/Tsuna’s Unofficial Hadoop / HBase RPC protocol documentation. For more background on how we arrived at this spec., see HBase RPC: WIP

A.1. Goals

  1. A wire-format we can evolve

  2. A format that does not require our rewriting server core or radically changing its current architecture (for later).

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