Chapter 1. Apache HBase External APIs

Table of Contents

1.1. Non-Java Languages Talking to the JVM
1.2. REST
1.3. Thrift
1.4. C/C++ Apache HBase Client

This chapter will cover access to Apache HBase either through non-Java languages, or through custom protocols. For information on using the native HBase APIs, refer to User API Reference and the new ??? chapter.

1.1. Non-Java Languages Talking to the JVM

Currently the documentation on this topic in the Apache HBase Wiki. See also the Thrift API Javadoc.

1.2. REST

Currently most of the documentation on REST exists in the Apache HBase Wiki on REST (The REST gateway used to be called 'Stargate'). There are also a nice set of blogs on How-to: Use the Apache HBase REST Interface by Jesse Anderson.

To run your REST server under SSL, enable the following configs when you launch the REST server:

1.3. Thrift

Documentation about Thrift has moved to ???.

1.4. C/C++ Apache HBase Client

FB's Chip Turner wrote a pure C/C++ client. Check it out.

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