Cloudera's Distribution for Hadoop (CDH)

Table of Contents
1. Repositories
2. Platforms
3. Setting up Access
3.1. Debian-based systems
3.2. Redhat-based systems
4. Package Manifests
5. Package Versioning
6. Community Support
7. License

1. Repositories

Repository CDH Release Released Patched Source Apt Repository Yum Repository
Stable CDH1 March 2009 /cdh/stable /debian /redhat/cdh/stable
Testing CDH2 August 2009 /cdh/testing /debian /redhat/cdh/testing


Stable releases occur about every quarter and are recommended for production environments. The current stable release is CDH1 released March 2009.


The current testing release is CDH2 released August 2009. Once this testing release has been thoroughly tested, it will become the next stable release. The testing release will typically be more feature-rich but may be less stable than stable packages.


Coming soon: Automated nightly builds of CDH will be published to the unstable repository.