Name Type Description Notes
slave_batch_size float Number of hosts with slave roles to restart at a time. Must be greater than zero. Default is 1. [optional]
sleep_seconds float Number of seconds to sleep between restarts of slave host batches. <p> Must be greater than or equal to 0. Default is 0. [optional]
slave_fail_count_threshold float The threshold for number of slave host batches that are allowed to fail to restart before the entire command is considered failed. <p> Must be greater than or equal to 0. Default is 0. <p> This argument is for ADVANCED users only. </p> [optional]
stale_configs_only bool Restart roles with stale configs only. [optional]
un_upgraded_only bool Restart roles that haven't been upgraded yet. [optional]
redeploy_client_configuration bool Re-deploy client configuration. Available since API v6. [optional]
roles_to_include ApiRolesToInclude Role types to restart. Default is slave roles only. [optional]
restart_service_names list[str] List of services to restart. [optional]

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