Name Type Description Notes
timestamp str The timestamp for this time series data point. Note that the timestamp reflects coordinated universal time (UTC) and not necessarily the server's time zone. The rest API formats the UTC timestamp as an ISO-8061 string. [optional]
value float The value of the time series data. [optional]
type str The type of the time series data. [optional]
aggregate_statistics ApiTimeSeriesAggregateStatistics Available from v6 for data points containing aggregate data. It includes further statistics about the data point. An aggregate can be across entities (e.g., fd_open_across_datanodes), over time (e.g., a daily point for the fd_open metric for a specific DataNode), or both (e.g., a daily point for the fd_open_across_datanodes metric). If the data point is for non-aggregate date this will return null. [optional]

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