Name Type Description Notes
timestamp str When the audit event was captured. [optional]
service str Service name associated with this audit. [optional]
username str The user who performed this operation. [optional]
impersonator str The impersonating user (or the proxy user) who submitted this operation. This is usually applicable when using services like Oozie or Hue, who can be configured to impersonate other users and submit jobs. [optional]
ip_address str The IP address that the client connected from. [optional]
command str The command/operation that was requested. [optional]
resource str The resource that the operation was performed on. [optional]
operation_text str The full text of the requested operation. E.g. the full Hive query. <p> Available since API v5. [optional]
allowed bool Whether the operation was allowed or denied by the authorization system. [optional]

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