Name Type Description Notes
source_service ApiServiceRef The service to replicate from. [optional]
table_filters list[ApiHiveTable] Filters for tables to include in the replication. Optional. If not provided, include all tables in all databases. [optional]
export_dir str Directory, in the HDFS service where the target Hive service's data is stored, where the export file will be saved. Optional. If not provided, Cloudera Manager will pick a directory for storing the data. [optional]
force bool Whether to force overwriting of mismatched tables. [optional]
replicate_data bool Whether to replicate table data stored in HDFS. <p/> If set, the &quot;hdfsArguments&quot; property must be set to configure the HDFS replication job. [optional]
hdfs_arguments ApiHdfsReplicationArguments Arguments for the HDFS replication job. <p/> This must be provided when choosing to replicate table data stored in HDFS. The &quot;sourceService&quot;, &quot;sourcePath&quot; and &quot;dryRun&quot; properties of the HDFS arguments are ignored; their values are derived from the Hive replication's information. <p/> The &quot;destinationPath&quot; property is used slightly differently from the usual HDFS replication jobs. It is used to map the root path of the source service into the target service. It may be omitted, in which case the source and target paths will match. <p/> Example: if the destination path is set to &quot;/new_root&quot;, a &quot;/foo/bar&quot; path in the source will be stored in &quot;/new_root/foo/bar&quot; in the target. [optional]
replicate_impala_metadata bool Whether to replicate the impala metadata. (i.e. the metadata for impala UDFs and their corresponding binaries in HDFS). [optional]
run_invalidate_metadata bool Whether to run invalidate metadata query or not [optional]
dry_run bool Whether to perform a dry run. Defaults to false. [optional]
num_threads float Number of threads to use in multi-threaded export/import phase [optional]

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