Name Type Description Notes
query str tsquery to run against the CM time-series data store. Please see the <a href=&&quot;quot;http://tiny.cloudera.com/cm_tsquery> tsquery language documentation</a>.<p/> [optional]
_from str Start of the period to query in ISO 8601 format (defaults to 5 minutes before the end of the period). [optional]
to str End of the period to query in ISO 8601 format (defaults to current time). [optional]
content_type str contentType to return the response in. The content types &quot;application/json&quot; and &quot;text/csv&quot; are supported. This defaults to &quot;application/json&quot;. If &quot;text/csv&quot; is specified then we return one row per time series data point, and we don't return any of the metadata. [optional]
desired_rollup str Aggregate rollup level desired for the response data. Valid values are RAW, TEN_MINUTELY, HOURLY, SIX_HOURLY, DAILY, and WEEKLY. Note that if the mustUseDesiredRollup parameter is not set, then the monitoring server can decide to return a different rollup level. [optional]
must_use_desired_rollup bool If set to true, then the tsquery will return data with the desired aggregate rollup level. [optional]

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