Name Type Description Notes
name String Activity name. [optional]
type ApiActivityType Activity type. Whether it's an MR job, a Pig job, a Hive query, etc. [optional]
parent String The name of the parent activity. [optional]
startTime String The start time of this activity. [optional]
finishTime String The finish time of this activity. [optional]
id String Activity id, which is unique within a MapReduce service. [optional]
status ApiActivityStatus Activity status. [optional]
user String The user who submitted this activity. [optional]
group String The user-group of this activity. [optional]
inputDir String The input data directory of the activity. An HDFS url. [optional]
outputDir String The output result directory of the activity. An HDFS url. [optional]
mapper String The mapper class. [optional]
combiner String The combiner class. [optional]
reducer String The reducer class. [optional]
queueName String The scheduler queue this activity is in. [optional]
schedulerPriority String The scheduler priority of this activity. [optional]