Name Type Description Notes
timestamp String Readonly. This timestamp is provided when you request a deployment and is not required (or even read) when creating a deployment. This timestamp is useful if you have multiple deployments saved and want to determine which one to use as a restore point. [optional]
clusters List<ApiCluster> List of clusters in the system including their services, roles and complete config values. [optional]
hosts List<ApiHost> List of hosts in the system [optional]
authRoles List<ApiAuthRole> List of all auth roles in the system Available from v32 [optional]
externalUserMappings List<ApiExternalUserMapping> List of all external user mappings in the system Available from v32 [optional]
users List<ApiUser2> List of all users in the system [optional]
versionInfo ApiVersionInfo Full version information about the running Cloudera Manager instance [optional]
managementService ApiService The full configuration of the Cloudera Manager management service including all the management roles and their config values [optional]
managerSettings ApiConfigList The full configuration of Cloudera Manager itself including licensing info [optional]
allHostsConfig ApiConfigList Configuration parameters that apply to all hosts, unless overridden at the host level. Available since API v3. [optional]
peers List<ApiCmPeer> The list of peers configured in Cloudera Manager. Available since API v3. [optional]
hostTemplates ApiHostTemplateList The list of all host templates in Cloudera Manager. [optional]
dataContexts ApiDataContextList The list of all the data contexts in the Cloudera Manager. [optional]