Name Type Description Notes
id BigDecimal The schedule id. [optional]
displayName String The schedule display name. [optional]
description String The schedule description. [optional]
startTime String The time at which the scheduled activity is triggered for the first time. [optional]
endTime String The time after which the scheduled activity will no longer be triggered. [optional]
interval BigDecimal The duration between consecutive triggers of a scheduled activity. [optional]
intervalUnit ApiScheduleInterval The unit for the repeat interval. [optional]
nextRun String Readonly. The time the scheduled command will run next. [optional]
paused Boolean The paused state for the schedule. The scheduled activity will not be triggered as long as the scheduled is paused. [optional]
alertOnStart Boolean Whether to alert on start of the scheduled activity. [optional]
alertOnSuccess Boolean Whether to alert on successful completion of the scheduled activity. [optional]
alertOnFail Boolean Whether to alert on failure of the scheduled activity. [optional]
alertOnAbort Boolean Whether to alert on abort of the scheduled activity. [optional]