Name Type Description Notes
id BigDecimal The command ID. [optional]
name String The command name. [optional]
startTime String The start time. [optional]
endTime String The end time, if the command is finished. [optional]
active Boolean Whether the command is currently active. [optional]
success Boolean If the command is finished, whether it was successful. [optional]
resultMessage String If the command is finished, the result message. [optional]
resultDataUrl String URL to the command's downloadable result data, if any exists. [optional]
clusterRef ApiClusterRef Reference to the cluster (for cluster commands only). [optional]
serviceRef ApiServiceRef Reference to the service (for service commands only). [optional]
roleRef ApiRoleRef Reference to the role (for role commands only). [optional]
hostRef ApiHostRef Reference to the host (for host commands only). [optional]
parent ApiCommand Reference to the parent command, if any. [optional]
children ApiCommandList List of child commands. Only available in the full view. <p> The list contains only the summary view of the children. [optional]
canRetry Boolean If the command can be retried. Available since V11 [optional]
hbaseResult ApiHBaseSnapshotResult Results for snapshot commands on HBase services. [optional]
hdfsResult ApiHdfsSnapshotResult Results for snapshot commands on Hdfs services. [optional]