Name Type Description Notes
name str The name of the role. Optional when creating a role since API v6. If not specified, a name will be automatically generated for the role. [optional]
type str The type of the role, e.g. NAMENODE, DATANODE, TASKTRACKER. [optional]
host_ref ApiHostRef A reference to the host where this role runs. [optional]
service_ref ApiServiceRef Readonly. A reference to the parent service. [optional]
role_state ApiRoleState Readonly. The configured run state of this role. Whether it's running, etc. [optional]
commission_state ApiCommissionState Readonly. The commission state of this role. Available since API v2. [optional]
health_summary ApiHealthSummary Readonly. The high-level health status of this role. [optional]
config_stale bool Readonly. Expresses whether the role configuration is stale. [optional]
config_staleness_status ApiConfigStalenessStatus Readonly. Expresses the role's configuration staleness status. Available since API v6. [optional]
health_checks list[ApiHealthCheck] Readonly. The list of health checks of this service. [optional]
ha_status HaStatus Readonly. The HA status of this role. [optional]
role_url str Readonly. Link into the Cloudera Manager web UI for this specific role. [optional]
maintenance_mode bool Readonly. Whether the role is in maintenance mode. Available since API v2. [optional]
maintenance_owners list[ApiEntityType] Readonly. The list of objects that trigger this role to be in maintenance mode. Available since API v2. [optional]
config ApiConfigList The role configuration. Optional. [optional]
role_config_group_ref ApiRoleConfigGroupRef Readonly. The reference to the role configuration group of this role. Available since API v3. [optional]
zoo_keeper_server_mode ZooKeeperServerMode Readonly. The ZooKeeper server mode for this role. Note that for non-ZooKeeper Server roles this will be null. Available since API v6. [optional]
entity_status ApiEntityStatus Readonly. The entity status for this role. Available since API v11. [optional]

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