ApiAddCustomCertsArguments Data Model

Arguments to add custom certificates to the Auto-TLS certificate database

name data type description
location string The location on disk to store the CMCA directory. If there is already a CMCA created there, it will be backed up, and a new one will be created in its place.
interpretAsFilenames boolean Whether the following arguments are interpreted as filenames local to the Cloudera Manager host (true, default) or as the actual data for that argument: * hostCerts.hostCert * hostCerts.hostKey If HTTPS has not been enabled on the Cloudera Manager Admin Console and API, we *strongly* recommend that you pass the arguments as filenames local to the Cloudera Manager host (i.e. set to true) to avoid leaking sensitive information over the wire in plaintext.
hostCerts array of ApiHostCertInfo A list of HostCertInfo objects, which associate a hostname with the corresponding certificate and private key. Only used if customCA == true.


  "location" : "/opt/cloudera/CMCA",
  "interpretAsFilenames" : true,
  "hostCerts" : [ {
    "hostname" : "...",
    "certificate" : "host-cert.pem",
    "key" : "host-key.pem"
  }, {
    "hostname" : "...",
    "certificate" : "...",
    "key" : "..."
  } ]