ApiUser2 Data Model

This is the model for user information in the API, v18 and beyond.

Note that any method that returns user information will not contain any password information. The password property is only used when creating or updating users.

name data type description
name string The username, which is unique within a Cloudera Manager installation.
password string Returns the user password.

Passwords are not returned when querying user information, so this property will always be empty when reading information from a server.

authRoles array of ApiAuthRoleRef A list of ApiAuthRole that this user possesses.
pwHash string NOTE: Only available in the "export" view
pwSalt number NOTE: Only available in the "export" view
pwLogin boolean NOTE: Only available in the "export" view


  "name" : "...",
  "password" : "...",
  "authRoles" : [ {
    "displayName" : "...",
    "name" : "...",
    "uuid" : "..."
  }, {
    "displayName" : "...",
    "name" : "...",
    "uuid" : "..."
  } ],
  "pwHash" : "...",
  "pwSalt" : 12345,
  "pwLogin" : true