Name Type Description Notes
id float The schedule id. [optional]
display_name str The schedule display name. [optional]
description str The schedule description. [optional]
start_time str The time at which the scheduled activity is triggered for the first time. [optional]
end_time str The time after which the scheduled activity will no longer be triggered. [optional]
interval float The duration between consecutive triggers of a scheduled activity. [optional]
interval_unit ApiScheduleInterval The unit for the repeat interval. [optional]
next_run str Readonly. The time the scheduled command will run next. [optional]
paused bool The paused state for the schedule. The scheduled activity will not be triggered as long as the scheduled is paused. [optional]
alert_on_start bool Whether to alert on start of the scheduled activity. [optional]
alert_on_success bool Whether to alert on successful completion of the scheduled activity. [optional]
alert_on_fail bool Whether to alert on failure of the scheduled activity. [optional]
alert_on_abort bool Whether to alert on abort of the scheduled activity. [optional]
hdfs_arguments ApiHdfsReplicationArguments Arguments for HDFS replication commands. [optional]
hive_arguments ApiHiveReplicationArguments Arguments for Hive replication commands. [optional]
hdfs_cloud_arguments ApiHdfsCloudReplicationArguments Arguments for HDFS cloud replication commands. [optional]
history list[ApiReplicationCommand] List of active and/or finished commands for this schedule. [optional]
active bool Read-only field that is true if this schedule is currently active, false if not. Available since API v11. [optional]
hive_cloud_arguments ApiHiveCloudReplicationArguments Arguments for Hive cloud replication commands. [optional]

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