ApiConfig Data Model

Model for a configuration parameter. When an entry's value property is not available, it means the entry is not configured. This means that the default value for the entry, if any, will be used. Setting a value to null also can be used to unset any previously set value for the parameter, reverting to the default value (if any).

name data type description
name string Readonly. The canonical name that identifies this configuration parameter.
value string The user-defined value. When absent, the default value (if any) will be used. Can also be absent, when enumerating allowed configs.
required boolean Readonly. Requires "full" view. Whether this configuration is required for the object. If any required configuration is not set, operations on the object may not work.
default string Readonly. Requires "full" view. The default value.
displayName string Readonly. Requires "full" view. A user-friendly name of the parameters, as would have been shown in the web UI.
description string Readonly. Requires "full" view. A textual description of the parameter.
relatedName string Readonly. Requires "full" view. If applicable, contains the related configuration variable used by the source project.
sensitive boolean Readonly. Whether this configuration is sensitive, i.e. contains information such as passwords, which might affect how the value of this configuration might be shared by the caller. Available since v14.
validationState ValidationState Readonly. Requires "full" view. State of the configuration parameter after validation.
validationMessage string Readonly. Requires "full" view. A message explaining the parameter's validation state.
validationWarningsSuppressed boolean Readonly. Requires "full" view. Whether validation warnings associated with this parameter are suppressed. In general, suppressed validation warnings are hidden in the Cloudera Manager UI. Configurations that do not produce warnings will not contain this field.


  "name" : "...",
  "value" : "...",
  "required" : true,
  "default" : "...",
  "displayName" : "...",
  "description" : "...",
  "relatedName" : "...",
  "sensitive" : true,
  "validationState" : "ERROR",
  "validationMessage" : "...",
  "validationWarningsSuppressed" : true