ApiRollingRestartClusterArgs Data Model

Arguments used for Rolling Restart Cluster command.

name data type description
slaveBatchSize number Number of hosts with slave roles to restart at a time. Must be greater than zero. Default is 1.
sleepSeconds number Number of seconds to sleep between restarts of slave host batches.

Must be greater than or equal to 0. Default is 0.

slaveFailCountThreshold number The threshold for number of slave host batches that are allowed to fail to restart before the entire command is considered failed.

Must be greater than or equal to 0. Default is 0.

This argument is for ADVANCED users only.

staleConfigsOnly boolean Restart roles with stale configs only.
unUpgradedOnly boolean Restart roles that haven't been upgraded yet.
redeployClientConfiguration boolean Re-deploy client configuration. Available since API v6.
rolesToInclude ApiRolesToInclude Role types to restart. Default is slave roles only.
restartServiceNames array of string List of services to restart.


  "slaveBatchSize" : 12345,
  "sleepSeconds" : 12345,
  "slaveFailCountThreshold" : 12345,
  "staleConfigsOnly" : true,
  "unUpgradedOnly" : true,
  "redeployClientConfiguration" : true,
  "rolesToInclude" : "SLAVES_ONLY",
  "restartServiceNames" : [ "...", "..." ]