ApiServiceRef Data Model

A serviceRef references a service. It is identified by the "serviceName", "clusterName" (name of the cluster which the service belongs to) and an optional "peerName" (to reference a remote service i.e. services managed by other CM instances). To operate on the service object, use the API with those fields as parameters.

name data type description
peerName string The name of the CM peer corresponding to the remote CM that manages the referenced service. This should only be set when referencing a remote service.
clusterName string The enclosing cluster for this service.
serviceName string The service name.
serviceDisplayName string
serviceType string The service type. This is available since version 32


  "peerName" : "...",
  "clusterName" : "...",
  "serviceName" : "...",
  "serviceDisplayName" : "...",
  "serviceType" : "..."